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Google releases ‘Account Activity’ product

How many times did you used in last few days? What all you tried to search? Whom did you sent [and received from] the most emails? Where all your account was accessed and using which all browsers? Phew !

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Apple employees already surfing web using iPad 3 on iOS 6 ?

This is the big questions making round of internet these days with no concrete answer if this device caught by ars technica in their server logs is actually iPad 3 or not. With only 3 days left for the big

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Aakash’s manufacturer ‘Datawind’ receives ‘Most Innovative Mobile Company’ award from UK government

British Indian firm ‘DataWind’ won the nations most innovative mobile company award from UK government. UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) that started its search for the award recipient in 2011, is a government department that helps UK-based companies succeed in

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Gadget to ‘Shut up’ the person on receiving end

How many times it has happen to you that you want the person speaking in front of you to just ‘SHUT UP’, but could not say that just because it can hurt him? It has happened with me in past

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ITA software finally takes off with Google on the pilot seat.

Ever since ITA software was acquired by Google in 2010, speculations were on about Google intent behind this acquisition. Over the last weekend, Google made its intentions public by launching complete flight management system for Cape Air. The ITA team

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