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Perl script to monitor changes in files under a given directory/folder

The following script should help you monitor the changes happening in the directory: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my $directory = $ARGV[0]; if(!$directory) { die "Usage: perl <directory>"; }elsif(!(-d $directory)){ die "$directory is not a directory. Kindly provide a

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Auto IT script to upload files (Windows XP)

Once your Choose File dialog box is open, just execute the following script: ; Starts here WinWaitActive(“Choose File”, “”, 10); Local $file = “C:\Users\QuickSilver\Desktop\filename.fileextesion” ControlSetText(“Choose File”, “”, “Edit1”, $file ) ControlClick(“Choose File”, “”, “Button2”) ; Ends here Steps to execute

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Apple buys chomp – search engine for finding apps

Apple Inc. is said to have purchased chomp, the search engine provider mainly used for discovering the apps from ever growing app stores. It appears Apple is trying to maintain the apps store hosting several thousand apps with vastly distributed

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Google Chrome soon going to have ‘Do not Track’ button.

Google Chrome., has finally made it to the list of browsers that give user power to disable the tracking cookies. Chrome which is the world’s third highest used browser is soon going to have a button to empower user to

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getAttribute(‘class’) does not work with IE but works with Firefox

While debugging a error in Selenium get_eval function, I faced a strange problem (at least strange to me and probably couple of other folks might be facing this STRANGE problem as well) where my following piece of code was throwing

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Permission denied error after clicking on link when using selenium

Selenium throws a Permission Denied error after clicking, if we are not waiting for page to load before accessing the GUI. In most of the cases it works fine for Firefox, but with IE, this fails. Consider the following piece

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Invalid argument error on Selenium RC Server while selecting option from drop down in IE

If you try to select a label in a drop down using type command in selenium, what do you expect it to do?? Throw error?? or work fine?? Well, both the statements are true. The first one holds true for

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Configuring ActiveMQ with Perl

By default ActiveMQ is configured to start the browser for C++, Java, C# etc by using Messaging protocol as Openwire. But to make it work with Perl we need couple of things to do as below: 1. First of all

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How keyPressNative works on Selenium

Lately I had been facing an issue to simulate a functionality with Selenium. The functionality was of Auto Complete feature. [Yes, just like you see when typing something in Google search box. I tried to use type command, but it

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