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How to find location where Perl Module is installed

I often peek into Perl Module source code to add debugging logs, or to find or narrow down problems. and have to spend sometime always to find where that module is installed. Following script was implemented to save me sometime:

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Installing Net::SSH2 on Cent OS

We have struggled with this too, so will share the minimum steps needed to setup Net::SSH2 lib on Cent OS: Install pre-requisite libs: sudo yum install libgcrypt-devel sudo yum install zlib-devel Download libssh2 source code from here. Untar and cd to the

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Setting up Selenium with Perl

Here are the steps to configure Selenium with Perl. 1. Download Active Perl from the link: 2. Install the Perl using the installer. 3. Download Selenium RC Server from link: 4. Right Click on My Computer > Properties

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Perl script to monitor changes in files under a given directory/folder

The following script should help you monitor the changes happening in the directory: #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my $directory = $ARGV[0]; if(!$directory) { die "Usage: perl <directory>"; }elsif(!(-d $directory)){ die "$directory is not a directory. Kindly provide a

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