Google releases ‘Account Activity’ product

How many times did you used in last few days? What all you tried to search? Whom did you sent [and received from] the most emails? Where all your account was accessed and using which all browsers?

Phew ! A long list of questions isn’t it? However answer is not !!

Google released a new product to help users track there own activity on different Google products. Using the product, you could easily figure out relevant details as the percent increase in time spend on your email, and the activities performed on your account.

Out of all, I found following two particularly important:

1. The details of locations from where you signed into your Google account, and
2. If there were any authentication changes done to your account.

Now consider the scenario that your password was compromised and someone [your wife? your boss?] is keeping the track of your emails from some other location, you can trace it out using your account summary.

This can really spice up the internet space if Google provides the domain administrators to monitor the reports for everyone using their domain email address. However it remains to be seen from the legal perspective.

Google always keep surprising with the products, however this product is seen as a launch which is crucial keeping in mind the recent privacy policy changes introduced by Google.

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